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Ellen E.

Client since 2017

Sky Full of Light

I thought I was doing well paying off my 30 year mortgage in 15 years by simply adding more money directly to the principal. I also had some other goals that were going to take some time to achieve. However, with the YFB method, I will pay off my mortgage and achieve my other goals all within 5.8 years! You have also helped me shave off an additional $28,000 of interest on my mortgage. YFB answered all my questions and made the process so easy. If only I knew this concept when I was still paying off my student loans!

Brian M.

Client since 2010

Camping in Mountains

"I sat down with YFB in 2010 having lost half my 401k savings from 2008-2009. (My YFB Representative) Larry, gave me an education I will never forget. He turned my financial nightmare into hope and direction for my family's future."

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